HighSpeed : BP-9000E 846cps(SSD mode,15cpi)
7 resident LQfonts
1+8 multipart forms capability
2 emulation modes : EPSON ESC/P2 IBM 2391
132Kbyte data buffer
interface : Centronics (IEEE 1284 NIBBLE),RS-232C,USB(USB2.0 Full-speed),10/100 Base-T Ethernet

AUI BP-9000E

Take the Initiative

Leadership in business demands certain qualities - proficiency, alacrity, and absolute professionalism. Such are the characteristics that BP-9000E have to offer with its movable printhead, 2 emulations, bar code printing, 1+8 multipart forms capability, 7 resident LQ fonts, and 132-Kbyte data buffer. At speeds of up to 1000 cps (Super Speed Draft Mode), it can handle even the most daunting print jobs without holding up the rest of your work. The BP-9000E is also equipped with a Zoom function that quickly and easily changes the size of the printed characters to 50% 100%. Most importantly however, technical excellence is balanced by superb operating ease. For any and all business needs, choose BP-9000 - the printer that means business.