- User-friendly interface, Graphic LCD depicting printer status, and two slide levers with easy access.
- Stable and reliable paper handling, 4RD(4 Roller-shaft Drive) makes sure the form gets through.
Enhanced interfaces. Parallel USB, Ethernet(standard), RS-232C(option)
- Printable on a variety of media, Invoices,receips,tickets, and other forms printable with removable tractor unit(front/rear).
- Maximum 2.0mm thickness capability. Accommodates thick cards for mission-critical printing in offices, shops and factories

AUI Dot Matrix FB-600E

Stable and reliable paper handling

There is nothing complicated about FB-600E. Operation is simplifed with a graphic LCD on the operation panel that visually depicts the paper path by automatically linking to the paper path lever. The gap between the print head and paper can be adjusted using a simple slide lever, or left to the Auto Adjustment Function.

FB600E's 4RD (Roller-shaft Driver) mechanism delivers stable, reliable paper feeding with two linefeed motors. These two motors, which drive four roller shafts, offer improved and well-balanced traction no matter what type of form or document you’re dealing with.