Axis Communications

Axis P1375

HDTV 1080p at up to 60 fps
Lightfinder 2.0
Signed firmware and secure boot
Zipstream with support for H.264 and H.265
Electronic image stabilization

AXIS P1375 Thanks to the newest generation of Axis chip, AXIS P1375 Network Camera offers excellent video quality, even in the most challenging light conditions, and a high level of defense to protect your system. It’s ideal for deterrent surveillance at entrances or open areas in offices, banks and hotels.

Axis Communications

A camera you can count on

Simply put, AXIS P1375 delivers the best video quality possible. It has electronic image stabilization for stabile images despite vibration, as well as barrel distortion correction and defogging functionality to ensure clear, sharp images no matter what. With scene profiles the camera can be automatically optimized to suit specific scenarios so you get great image quality and cost-effective installation. It also has a video streaming indicator making it easy to check that the video is up and running.