Axis Communications

Axis M3206-LVE

4 MP video quality
WDR and IR illumination
Wide-angle horizontal and vertical FOV
HDMI output and I/O connectivity
Zipstream and support for H.264/H.265

AXIS M3206-LVE delivers an excellent wide-angle view in 4 MP resolution for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. This robust, cost-efficient fixed dome offers best-in-class video quality and built-in IR illumination for clarity even in complete darkness.

Axis Communications

Uncover the darkness

AXIS M3206-LVE Network Camera offers 4 MP and a wide-angle view of 105°. It features WDR to give you clarity when there’s both dark and light areas in the scene. Plus, with built-in IR illumination, you’ll enjoy clear, reflection-free footage in complete darkness so there’s no need to spend money lighting your premises at night.

Axis M3016

4 MP video quality, WDR and IR illumination, Wide-angle horizontal and vertical FOV, HDMI output and I/O connectivity, Zipstream and support for H.264/H.265