Face recognition

Purpose :

Automatic identification of person by using the video image. It recognizes faces captured by a face detector by comparing them with a previously created database of reference images.

How it works

The Face Recognition module provides a high percentage of recognition and can be used in conjunction with an access control system in order to improve the control of access to facilities with high security requirements, such as banks or classified facilities. Another important application field is the automation of face control in casinos, hotels, restaurants and other similar facilities.

It is necessary to have people database for the effective work of Eocortex Face Recognition module. The people can be divided into groups with access privileges / limitations. Further performance of Face Recognition module will be done according to the database.

Your benefits

Functions of Face Recognition module:

    • - People database alteration

      - Identification of faces in real time and archive, according to the existing database

      - Search in the archive by detected faces

      - Search in the archive by a photo

  • The module guarantees high accuracy when working with access control system. SMS, e-mail and push notifications can be configured.

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