Face Recognition (Complete)

Purpose :

Automatic identification of person by using the video image. It is used to search for a face in the stream of people of any density, as well as to determine peopleĀ“s gender and age. Supports unlimited database.

How it works

You can:

- create a database of photos of people, for example "VIP" and "blacklisted"

- receive automatic notifications to your monitor, phone or e-mail of infiltration attempts perpetrated by people who do not have access rights

- search for fragments with the detected face in the video archive, search for people in the video archive using their photos

- receive information regarding gender and age of visitors in the online mode.

Your benefits

Thanks to the Face Recognition Complete you can:

    • - identify people who represent a threat to security even in a dense stream of people

      - Quickly learn about a visit of VIP clients (faces from a "white" list) or, for example, an appearance of a shoplifter (faces from a "black" list) in the sales or service point

      - Take the necessary actions in time depending on a registered event

  • Thus, you can ensure the high level of security for your staff and infrastructure, improving the level of service rendered to your VIP customers.

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