Purpose :

To provide a video stream and to record a video archive regardless of force majeure factors.

How it works

    • The module is installed on each camera, archive and transmission of which you want to protect.

      If the server with the cameras on which the module is installed fails, these cameras will be transferred to the backup server.

      It will provide consistent transmission of video and prevent loss of archive while the server is disconnected.

  • Your benefits

    Thanks to the Failover module, you will not lose a minute of video transmission or recording made by your video surveillance system.
    You continue to receive all notifications of control events from your video analytics to your phone or email, despite the potential problems with the server.
    Thus, you continuously ensure the safety of your employees and visitors.

    Eocortex develops software products and hardware solutions for IP video surveillance systems. The specialization of the company is the creation and launching on the market of the software that can be used in the intelligent security systems, retail business, robotics and other spheres of life.

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