Heat Map

Purpose :

To increase the economic return from the use of commercial or office space.

How it works

On the map in online mode, areas are displayed in which traffic was recorded during the last 10 seconds. You can:

    • superimpose a heat map on the image from the camera;

      build a heat map on the object plan;

      build traffic analysis reports at specified time intervals.

  • Your benefits

    Thanks to the Heat map module, you can determine the routes of the movement of people in the room. This will allow you to draw conclusions about:

    • - the hall planning efficiency;

      - the quality of goods layout, the placement of set out of goods and point of sales materials, show-case decoration and make the necessary changes;

      - the popularity of certain products in stores, stands at exhibitions, cars in automobile sales centers.

    Thus, you increase the return from your areas and get more profit.

  • Eocortex develops software products and hardware solutions for IP video surveillance systems. The specialization of the company is the creation and launching on the market of the software that can be used in the intelligent security systems, retail business, robotics and other spheres of life.

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