License Plate Recognition

Purpose :

To organize fully controlled car access.

How it works

You can:
    • - add license plates to the database, create their "black" and "white" lists;

      - control the opening of a rising arm barrier;

      - save time and date of recognition, license plate, links to the corresponding video frame in the archive;

      - search for the license plates in the archive based on time and date;

      - upload data in XLS or CSV formats.

  • Your benefits

    You do not need to use additional staff to control the license plates of entering vehicles. Thanks to the License Plate Recognition module, you can:

    • - ensure automatic admission of vehicles that have a permission to enter, and control the time they stay in the territory;

      - prevent the entrance of unauthorized vehicles;

      - fix car plates wanted cars.

    Thus, you can ensure the safety of your employees and reduce staff costs.

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