Loud sound detection

Purpose :

To respond promptly to force majeure events, accompanied by a loud sound.

How it works

When the sound pressure level detected by the camera microphone exceeds the preset value, you receive an immediate notification to the monitor, phone or e-mail.
If the exceeding of the preset sound pressure level is detected, the video recording to the archive starts automatically.

Your benefits

You do not need to look at video surveillance monitors 24 hours a day. Thanks to the Loud Sound Detection module, you can:

    • - identify the source of danger;

      - stop the production or service process if necessary.

    Thus, you can ensure the safety of your employees and visitors, and minimize damage to property.

  • Eocortex develops software products and hardware solutions for IP video surveillance systems. The specialization of the company is the creation and launching on the market of the software that can be used in the intelligent security systems, retail business, robotics and other spheres of life.

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