Face Mask Detector

Purpose :

To detect people not wearing medical face masks in the frame

How it works

Face mask detector finds people without face masks in the frame. The module is capable of detecting up to ten people not wearing face masks in the frame at the same time (if allowed by the computing capacity).

The module does not recognize (identify) faces, it cannot tell one person from the other or compare a person's face with the faces from a database.

When an infringement event (no mask) is detected, the module briefly highlights the person's face with a red square in the client application and creates a corresponding event in the event log. The repeated detection of the infringement by the same person will become possible only after the disappearance of this person from the frame for three seconds minimum.

Your benefits

Thanks to the face mask detector, you can increase the safety of people during epidemics in your store, office and any crowded places.

The detector will automatically detect the person without a mask and send an alarm message so that you or your staff can take prompt action.

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