Shelf Fullness Check

Purpose :

Helps to maintain the shelves in a store fully stocked, using a video surveillance system to ensure maximum revenue and preserving customer loyalty.

How it works

In the settings, you specify the area where the contents of the shelf will be located

The algorithm calculates and stores the quantity of the special dots in the area. The number of dots represents the complete fullness of the shelf.

After the intervals specified by you (15-60 sec) the module checks the shelves and determines the percentage of their fullness with goods

If the module detects a shelf the fullness of which is lower than the preset level, it sends a corresponding notification

Your benefits

You do not need to hire many employees to continuously monitor shelf fullness. Thanks to the Shelf Fullness Check, you will:

receive immediate notifications about an empty shelf on the operator's display, to an electronic address, in a mobile app

take timely action to fill the empty shelves with goods

Thus, you will be able to increase profit by ensuring that the goods are available to each customer.

Eocortex develops software products and hardware solutions for IP video surveillance systems. The specialization of the company is the creation and launching on the market of the software that can be used in the intelligent security systems, retail business, robotics and other spheres of life.

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